ProLine™ Low sided Gondola



Model: TL30-50100
Weight: 4.00


Proline™ 4-axle low sided gondola with metal wheels

Proline is proud to have a universally usable low sided gondola that fits US layouts as well as Euopean.  This  gondola can be decorated and decorated any way you like.  For this price - how can you resist.  a 4-axle foundation piece and its metal wheels (stinaless steel) will last a lifetime.  All the features in an overview:

  • High quality protytypical plastic model
  • All axles are metal wheels and the wheel rims are stainless steel
  • Detailed platforms with handrails
  • Overall length: 16"'
  • Minimum radius: 4'
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs (1.2 KG)



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