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TL20-12012 HSB Steam Locomotive 99 6101, DCC, Sound, ZIMO


  • Model: TL20-12012
  • Weight: 20 LBS
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Product information "HSB Steam Locomotive 99 6101, DCC, Sound, ZIMO"

In 1914, Henschel delivered two locomotives to the Army Technical Examination Commission. The two locomotives were identical except for small differences in the boiler. The main difference is that one locomotive (99 6101) received a superheated steam engine and the other (99 6102) a wet steam engine. It was tested during a maneuver of Württemberg railway pioneers that took place at "Drei Annen Hohne". In 1917, the Nordhausen-Wernigeroder Railway was able to acquire the hot amp locomotive and three years later the wet steam locomotive.
Both locomotives were used by the NWE for rolling trestle traffic.

Technical equipment: 7 lamps, pulsed evaporator, 3kg total weight, stainless steel wheel tires, 6 current collection points, grinding shoes for good power transmission from
the track, an adhesive tire, a Bühler motor, two axes driven, loudspeakers installed, volume pot already installed, ZIMO digital decoder with sound (damper sound project), connection option for automatic decoupler, memory module

Features: Bühlermotor, pulsed smoke generator, sound, ZIMO decoder
fashion: analog, DCC, digital
weight: 2.65 kg
traction tyre: 1
length over buffers: 338 mm
light: 7
scale: 1:22,5
engine: 1
rail gauge: 45 mm
ATTENTION: Adults only
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