Gold Membership

Gold Membership is a great deal.  For an only $50 annual membership fee, You*1 receive the following benefits:

  • Exclusive access to the 100% Train-Li-USA exclusive LGB Cross Reference Guide
  • 10% discount on any order
    (except Deals: Specials=0% | Closeouts=0%| and LGB Rollingstock*2 =5%)
  • 10% discount on repairs
  • New items and Specials priority notice.
  • Priority support

LGB Cross Reference Guide:

The one tool LGB enthusiasts can't live without.  Have you ever wondered if a particular part, if not available for your particular engine or car, might be available as a part under a different number.  Your instinct might be right.  Some parts have been reused by LGB 10, 15, or even more than 20 times.  The LGB cross reference guide solves this problem.

Furthermore, do you wonder if any new LGB productions under Maerklin have any parts that match your old Rolling Stock and what you have to order to get this done?

All the answers are in the LGB Cross Reference Database.


*1 You means Gold Member and the Rights are not transferable or assignable.  Buying for friends (with the exception of gifts) is not covered by this membership.  Each customer that wants to take advantage of our Gold Membership program must own their own individual Membership.
*2  LGB Rollingstock is priced below MSRP due to the nature of the market conditions, and we have the lowest prices in the market, hence we can only give Gold Members only 5% on top of our already low margins.