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Switching Post Eisfelder Talmühle of the HSB


  • Model: MK-10005
  • Weight: 4 LBS
  • Availability: In Stock

A MasterPiece for your Harz layout

This switching post uses the cranking mechanism which were common if long cable needed to be used to move the points. A 360 degrees turn of the crank results in a larger move than 180-degree position change of a lever operation.
The sign a the door is the instruction table that indicates which key needed to be set in order to establish a correct ladder. Stations and switching posts with simple operations used a method by which the GO signal could only be engaged when all switches of the ladder were in the correct position. The switches were controlled by 2-wires connected to cranks or levers.

Basis for this model was the Original of the HSB railway station Eisfelder Talmühle around 1960. Other stations as well as other railroad lines used similar buildings.

Size: 5 1/2" W x 5 1/8" D x 5 7/8" H