LGB 49191 Flat Car for Gang/Motorcars (3Q16)



Model: LGB-49191
Weight: 8.00
Availability: Out of Production
This is item is no longer available


2016 New Product expected availability  3 Quarter 2016

LGB 49191 Flat Car for Gang/Motorcars

This is a model of a two-axle material transport car to go with the 20060, 20061, and 20062 American gang cars. Like the original, this is a very simple car for transporting construction material or large tools. The regular LGB couplers mounted on this car can be replaced by the link-and-pin couplers which are included based on an American prototype and included with this car. Length over the couplers 16 cm / 6-5/16".



LGB Rolling Stock Type: Freight

Scale: G-scale
Railroad Type: American

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