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LGB-62201 Short Shaft Motor


  • Model: LGB-62201
  • Weight: 1 LBS
  • Availability: In Stock

LGB 62201 Short Shaft Motor 

The short-shaft Boehler motor is common in many locomotives that use 2 drive Axle motor blocks.

Often found in locomotives such as the Stainz, the 2060 series Diesel, the GE 4/4 II or III, and the F7, it is also commonly used for the older style motor block, referred to as a split or clamshell-style motor block, these are often found in early versions of LGB locomotives such as the Stainz, the 2070 series “U” Steam locomotive or Zillertal.


  • Product Type:  Replacement Part

  • Manufacturer: LGB Boehler

  • Scale: Large scale, G-scale

  • Application:

    • 2 drive axle gearboxes with or without Idler gear

    • Split or clamshell gearbox without idler gear