LGB-72327 Passenger Train Starter Set



Model: LGB-72327
Weight: 25.00
Availability: This Item is Authorize only.


LGB-72327 Passenger Train Starter Set  SHIPS WITHIN 72HRS

This set features:

  • Old-timer steam locomotive. 
  • Two passenger cars to go with it in the paint scheme and lettering for the Lake George and Boulder Railroad, LGB for short.
  • Both wheel sets on the locomotive are driven with a powerful Bühler motor.
  • The headlight at the front lights up. 
  • Twelve (12) sections of curved track.
  • A transformer with a locomotive controller, and all of the wire required for connections are included.

Length over the buffers 85 cm / 33-7/16".

Shipping Dimensions:  30" x 22" x 6"

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