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TL39-00033 Axel Set B-Gear and Solid Wheels


  • Model: TL39-00033
  • Weight: 1 LBS
  • Availability: In Stock

TL39-00033 Axel Set B-Gear and Solid Wheels

These axles are manufactured to the highest quality standards.  They are 100% LGB compatible and fit any LGB engine that has a B gearbox.  So all solid wheel engines that do not use an idler gear qualify  Of course these are also the correct exchange wheels for TrainLine's own products, yet we know that there is much less of a replacement need because these wheels are equipped with a stainless steel rim.

The Features in Detail:

  • Solid black wheels
  • Stainless steal wheels with plastic inner castings
  • B-gear in center of axle
  • 1 axle has one wheel with traction tire
  • 100% LGB compatible for LGB: 2x3xx (E1 Electro engine), 2x33x (Schoema Electro tractor), 2x39x (RhB Abe 4/4 I), 2x43x (RhB Ge 4/4 II), 2x51x (V51 DB Diesel engine), 2x52x (OBB Diesel Engine),  2x6x0 (Schoema Diesel Engine), 2x64x (DR Railbus), 2065x (DR Railbus Schweineschnaeutzen), 2066x (Wismarer railbus), 2x67x (Trackcleaning Engine), 2x940 (DB V200 engine)