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TRAINLI®ProLine: TL30-68003 ProLight interior Lights for Passenger Cars


  • Model: TL30-68003-2
  • Weight: 0.5 LBS
  • Availability: In Stock

TRAINLI® ProLine™: ProLights LED light strips for Passenger Cars

Many cars come without interior lights. This universal light strip has 4 warm-white (light temperature 3000 K) SMD led on a modern, white color printed circuit board. Its length is 5 7/8" (150 mm) and it has 2 mounting holes that precisely match the mounting location of LGB 2-axle and 4-axle passenger cars. But of course, these strips can also easily be mounted in any other manufacturer's car, by either utilizing the mounting holes or directly securing it with double-sided 3M tape to the roof of the car.

DCC and DC users alike will benefit from LED light strips because the power consumption is a fraction of incandescent bulbs.

The lights operate at 5-24 V DC or DCC. One lighting strip is long enough to offer a homogenized interior illumination of LGB 2-axle cars (unlike the LGB-68333) while 2 strips are recommended for the typical 4-axle cars.

These lights are equally well suited to light up houses, railway stations, or other subjects of interest in your layout.

Here's the Manual

These lights do require some minor soldering - if this is outside of your skill set, please view our service page, as we can install the lights for you.