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KS-99237 Kiss RhB Gem 4/4 #801 old style, round head lights, analog


  • Model: KS-99237
  • Weight: 25 LBS
  • Availability: In Stock

here's a Handsome KISS Modellbahnen, Spur IIm 1:22.5 GEM 4/4  

This is a plastic model of the RhB Bernina Bahn dual power locomotive Gem 4/4 (electric/diesel-electric). This model is considered the old style. With the road number 801. 

  • Illuminated cab
  • Prototypical lighting
    • switchable between street or operation lighting 
  •  Stainless steel wheels
    * Authentic livery
    * Engineer in cab

The locomotive may be upgraded with a Zimo MX699 series decoder, using a sound project created by  Heinz Däppen, recorded from the actual locomotive.