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LGB-27632 Amtrak Diesel Locomotive

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  • Model: LGB-27632
  • Weight: 5 LBS
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LGB-27632 Amtrak Diesel Locomotive 

This is a model of a small American diesel locomotive such as is typically used as a switch engine. It is painted for Amtrak in Phase II / Era IV. The locomotive has a powerful ball bearing Bühler motor. Both wheelsets are powered. The locomotive has an mfx/DCC sound decoder with many light and sound functions. The doors can be opened. Length over the couplers 31 cm / 12-3/16".

Special version for the anniversary "50 Years of Amtrak".


  • First time with an mfx/DCC sound decoder.
  • Running sounds will also work in analog operation.

Article No. 27632
Gauge / Design type G (Normalspur) /
Era IV
Kind Diesel Locomotives