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LGB 36356 SOEG Passenger Car

$178.95 20% $35.79

  • Model: LGB-36356
  • Weight: 10 LBS
  • Availability: See manufactures deliver schedules - Changes might happen (Automatically charge 20%)
  • Shipping: Ships 4th Quarter of 2021

LGB 36356 SOEG Passenger Car

Model of a Reko passenger car for the Zittau narrow-gauge railway, as it is still in use there today. The paint scheme and lettering are prototypical for Era VI. Doors on the platforms can be opened, complete interior design. Metal wheel sets. Length over the buffers 58 cm.

Another car of this type with a different car number is available under item number 36357.

The new VII K is available as a suitable locomotive for these cars under item number 21480.