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LGB 27872 Mikado Locomotive w/ Sound


  • Model: LGB-27872
  • Weight: 40 LBS

LGB 27872 Mikado Locomotive (Very Limited quantities available!)

Mikado Steam Locomotive with MTS decoder by LGB

Five sets of lettering with different road names are included with this engine so you are able to customize your Mikado. The road names included are : Union Pacific, New York Central, Pennsylvania, Santa Fe and Southern Pacific.

Prototype: The 2-8-2 "Mikado" was generally one of the most successful steam locomotives built. The first Mikados were built in 1897 by Baldwin in the USA for the narrow gauge railroads in Japan. In World War I this wheel arrangement was taken on as a standard by the United States Railroad Administration, and more than 1,000 "Mikes" were built for numerous American railroads and different railroads all over the world. These locomotives were used with great success, mostly in freight service. Many of these locomotives were in service right up to the end of the steam era in the Fifties. A clear sign of a successful design.

Model: This detailed, weather-proof model has an extremely wide array of features. It has a factory-installed multi-train control system decoder for analog and digital use. The roof hatches on the cab can be opened. The fire box door can be opened and there is a flickering light from the fire box. The locomotive has a four-position selector switch for the mode of operation. It has an encapsulated gear drive with a powerful Bühler motor. The locomotive has an articulated drive system (The locomotive will even run on the sharp radius "R1" for curved track). Four axles powered, two traction tires. The locomotive has twelve electrical pickups. It also has digital, electronic steam locomotive sounds synchronized with the motion of the wheels. The sounds of a bell, whistle, brakes, air pump, and feed water pump are also present. The locomotive has a built-in volume control. The sound functions can be remote controlled (with the multi-train control system). The locomotive has a voltage limiting system. It also has a built-in smoke generator. The headlights change over automatically with the direction of travel. The locomotive has a general-purpose electrical socket with a safety feature. Weight 7,400 grams / 16 pounds 5 ounces. Length 93 cm / 36-5/8".