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DB: Rebuilt passenger coach AB3yg 1/2KL


  • Model: PK-37601
  • Weight: 4 LBS
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New 2009 production
MSRP: 165.99

This nicely detailed model is a reproduction of a popular car in the DB lineup. After WWII many coaches were damaged and/or not up to the latest style. Most coaches for suburban trains and semi fast riding trains (Eilzüge) were still compartment coaches, most of them of Prussian origin. The average age of the coaches was more then 30 years and the coaches were essentially worn out and should have been withdrawn. However, the Bundesbahn had no money to order new coaches at that time and decided to rebuild what they had. The Bundesbahn used the frames of the old coaches, which were inspected and brought to an equal length. To these frames a new body with new interior was fitted. The vast majority of the frames of the converted coaches were of Prussian origin, but there have been also ex Saxonain, Bavarian or Badenian coaches. All 'normal' converted coaches were green, only those intended for special services painted a different colour. There were 3-axle and 4-axle coaches (and six 2-axle coaches for prisoners). The 3-axle coaches were always coupled as pairs. By tensioning the springs of the couplers, the maximum velocity could be increased (from 65 or 80 km/h to 100 km/h). The pairs were: B3yg + B3yg WC at the outside of the pairs AB3yg + AB3yg 1.class compartments in the middle of the pairs B3yg + AB3yg as above B3yg + BD3yg baggage compartment at the outside AB3yg + BD3yg as above Of course there is no rule without exception: The D3yg was a single coach. This coach was special in another way, too. It had a cab for push-pull service. There are rumors that there was a combined 2nd class/baggage coach with a cab too, but it seems that this is the same vehicle.