LGB Delivery Schedule

LGB Delivery Schedule

LGB New Items production estimates - Status May 2018

We receive often calls about "Where is my product, I ordered it 6 month ago (....or even more)".  Unfortunately we are not in control of LGB's production schedule.  We will be publishing here the latest schedule that we know of. However, there is no guarantee that if something says June 2018 that it will be June 2018.  We have seen production schedules slip by 12 month or even more.

Also,  LGB has a first in/out procedure, let us say we have a pre order for 5 engines that we made on the Nuernberg Toy Fair, then after the end of production we might be early in receiving the products.  But if we ordered extra product let's say in August, and the engine comes out of production in October, we might get the first 5 in October and the August order in December .... or not at all.  We will only here later if the production was sold out.  This frustrates us as well, but these are the rules.

Do I always receive an LGB product when I order it?

It is so important to order as soon as the catalog comes out. This is the only way to ensure you receive a product that you really wanted.  If we are lucky we might be able to gain the products in our vast network, but that comes at a premium.


And here is the current Delivery Schedule: 

Current Published Delivery Dates