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TRAINLI introduced new Special Parts Order


As you all know, there are over 20,000 LGB parts and we have listed several thousand, but of course not all 20,000.   Today we have two categories: 

Common Parts: Motors, Wheels, Gears, lamps, etc…… basically anything that is shared among many different LGB Rolling Stock. 


Repair Parts: these are parts that are specific to certain rolling stock, such as a STAINZ Gold Whistle.  Also many of these parts reoccurred under different names and not always do we list the same parts under the many engine variations (ie. 20100 whistle is also the whistle on 20200 or 22201 and so on).   


We have now a third category and that is Special Parts Orders.  Some of you have already written us emails in the past, but emails are difficult, unstructured and don’t allow for precise work, as well as we receive 100s of emails and don't want your email to be lost.  We are introducing the special parts order form:(Try by clicking the button) If you loose this link, no problem, because it is under: 

LGB Info --> LGB Parts Order Form   Also under LGB Info are all the LGB Parts PDFs and user guides as well.   You can even attach pictures and all flows back to our special order queue.  

Please make frequent use of it, you will enjoy.  If you have any suggestions, please let us know. 

And don't forget if you can't repair it, we have Repair East and Repair West.  We are known for excellent repairs.


LGB Information Further Expanded


Not only are we the best LGB parts supplier we also make it easy for you to find the information you need. On our front page is in the top the menu “LGB Info” under which you find:

  • all the LGB PDFs (past and present)
  • LGB User Guides (Past and Present).
  • Latest Delivery Schedule of new LGB product
  • Special Parts Ordering system

Also we have the new Know How section:

We present interesting articles that will help you

LGB Info and Know How, both may not have your particular engine “mentioned” but most likely your engine category. Ie. an American Coal Hopper (originally 4067) can have the variations 4x67x with x being any digit.  LGB used the first digit to classify

1 = track and track accessories
2 = Engines
3 = Passenger cars
4 = Freight Cars
5 = Accessories
6 = Common Parts (but this is more and more disappearing in favor for Exxxxxx numbers)
7 = Startersets
9 = Toy Train Line


The only engine we know off where there is no direct info available is the Genesys.


We wish all our wonderful loyal customers Happy Father’s Day