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LGB has released their 2016 New items catalog

We are excited to announce that you can now download the LGB catalog right from our website.  We will have all the new items listed on our website soon.  But in the meantime, call us with your orders and we will give you an early order 10% discount from our everyday low prices.  When you order we charge you a 20% down payment to secure your order.  However, GOLD Members are excluded from the down payment.  It pays to be a TRAINLI GOLD Member in more than one way.


The SPECIAL section has unbeatable prices

We thrive to satisfy our customers. That's why you see that whenever we can pass along savings we will do. We were recently able to receive same reduced price items, and you should check regularly our SPECIALS page, were you can see the best prices in the market. These prices are so rock bottom, that these deep discounted prices cannot be combined with any other discounts or the GOLD Membership.

NEW TRAINLI WebSite is now

Responsive design means You can see it from any device:

  • PC
  • MAC
  • Smart Phones
  • Tablets
  • Notebooks

So now you don't have to go without TRAINLI, even if you are on the road.  Of course on mobile devices the appearance is difference.  Notice in the upper left corner the three bars on top of each other?  There is your menu from which you select your activities and product searches.


 Responsive screen shot

This is the reference for LGB

The updated LGB Compendium has arrived

Come to our website and order today.  This is a completely updated and extended version of the previous compendium.  A must have for all LGB hobbyists, LGB collectors, or even if you want to sell your LGB collection, this is your guide to the right pricing.

The pesky switch radius topic, demystified

TRAINLI has now reformed for 10+ years the industry.  About 5 years ago we modified our R (radius) designators. Our R designators are not a fiction of imagination with no correlation to reality, but they truly mean RADIUS in feet (closest feet because some of the radii are coming from Europe in cm and they are some fraction of inch off).  So two of our most popular straight switches R7 and R10 really are 7' and 10' radius switches.

Many hobbyists don't know the "R" facts and believe that a PIKO R5 is equal to an LGB R5.  Let's face it other than LGB - the original G scale brand, other brands use R designators (or other designators i.e. Aristocraft) to blindside the customers. Let's take an example:  PIKO R7 sound larger than LGB R5, yet it is just 1'larger than LGB R3.  PIKO R7 is only ~5' radius while LGB R5 is 7' radius.  And don't you love it, TRAINLI's equivalent switch is the R???? - Yes you guessed it right: R7

Honestly, what do you prefer? Guessing or "blindly" knowing, because it makes sense.  FYI on the right side is one of our largest switches - a curved R13/R10.

Click below for a comprehensive listing of all TRAINLI switches and you also find the comparison table to all other switches on the market.

The largest curved switch for G scale

TRAINLI Factory Direct New arrivals

TRAINLI as a primier LGB authorized Factory Direct dealer constantly receives new products directly from Maerklin in Germany. This means typicaly we have products faster then a regular dealer, and we can take advantage of the currency fluctuations and therefore offer you excellent pricing. But it is also important to understand why TRAINLI has a very special advantage. We offer our own LGB Warranty work, right here at our facility. We do not send you to someone else to get your problem solved! We stand behind our product sales and fix the problems that can occur, without you waiting that we return product to the factory (or distributor) and then receive a replacement or repair back, which can take weeks (or longer).

We are backing this up (as well as help you maintain your old rolling stock, by being the largest parts dealer in the US.

Oustanding New Decoders from LGB/Maerklin

Ever since Massoth is no longer delivering decoders to Maerklin/LGB, can we say that the quality of the factory installed decoders has gone up. THe new LGB 21427 RhB yellow Tractor TM 2/2 is with is sound implementation a very good example.

For a complete Prodcut description click below, and you will see the impressive list of sounds provided in this decoder.

The New RhB TM 2/2


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