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June 15 2016   View this email online.


Father's Day Sale

 We have various sales for Father's Day. Whether you want to give yourself a gift on Father's day, or be the recipient of one.

  1. 10% OFF - on these select LGB items only (only while supply last):
    No additional discounts - no back orders
    We offer 10% discount on our already low LGB rolling stock prices (see select model numbers
    20011, 20121, 21011, 24140, 24771, 25420, 27425, 28434, 28436, 28437, 30521, 30675, 31523, 31678, 36072, 36350, 36807, 36816, 36846, 36658, 39310, 39661, 40022, 40023, 40030, 40080, 40081, 40099, 40122, 40756, 40817, 40844, 40921, 40922, 41891, 43261, 45300, 45141, 45922, 47572, 47893, 47899, 49700, 49690, 72400)
  2. We have only one set of our ABBA F7 Deal left $1,695
  3. Blue Allegra best price in the industry $2,395 (see below)
  4. 10% Discount on Easybend DuoTrak and your track (when purchased with 2 or more boxes of track)
  5. 10% Discount on all track

The new LGB Allegra "AROSA" has arrived  



If you are a RhB fan then this train is a must have item. And TRAINLI has just made is easier for you to obtain this beautiful trainset - but only as long as the supply last.

Click here to buy the Allegra!

Instead off MSRP $ 2,795.99 (or others at $2,695)



Brandnew Mikado Parts from the LGB parts specialist

Mikado parts will be arriving soon.  This is your opportunity to replace missing parts, repair broken parts, refresh your wheels, get a brandnew motor, or even exchange the drive shafts.

Old drive shafts (1st generation) tend to slip now is the time to fix this pesky problem

    Introducing the second HSB Steam Engine Pfiffi from TrainLine45
This is the reference for LGB   


One of the hallmark engines of the HSB.  Originally designed to serve in the "back-pack" operations service, meaning narrow gauge services to carry standard gauge cars.  Today the engine can be also found in sightseeing tours or special events.

For a limited time TRAINLI offers two free HSB passenger cars for any purchase of the engine until June 30th.

NEW TRAINLI WebSite is now

Responsive design means You can see it from any device:

  • PC
  • MAC
  • Smart Phones
  • Tablets
  • Notebooks

So now you don't have to go without TRAINLI, even if you are on the road.  Of course on mobile devices the appearance is difference.  Notice in the upper left corner the three bars on top of each other?  There is your menu from which you select your activities and product searches.

The updated LGB Compendium has arrived  



Come to our website and order today.  This is a completely updated and extended version of the previous compendium.  A must have for all LGB hobbyists, LGB collectors, or even if you want to sell your LGB collection, this is your guide to the right pricing.
Only from Now to Father's Day
10% discount
Buy Here  

 TRAINLI Factory Direct New arrivals



Just in time for Father's DAy we received brand new shipments:
LGB-23130 Olomana Steam Engine
LGB-23361 Nuernberg Streetcar
                     (Toy Fair Exclusive)
LGB-25910 KJF Diesel Switcher
LGB-28440 RhB Ge 4/4 II
                    100 Years Arosa
LGB-31052 Baggage car
                     Lake George Bolder
LGB-40082 RhB Freight Car
LGB-40083 RhB Freight Car
LGB-47894 RhB Container Car La Poste
  See all new arrived LGB Rolling Stock

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