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Holiday Day Sale (Black November)


From now to November 30th we offer fantastic sales.  take advantage for your holiday shopping needs.  Here are the rules:

  • 15% credit (10% on LGB Rolling Stock) for all instock items
  • Parts are excluded from this offer.
  • Credit's cannot be combined with other discounts (ie. Goldmembership)
  • We credit your presonal account automatically and the credit is available for up to 90 days after the qualifiying purchase. 
  • We reserve the right to fullfil the order even if the items are currently not in stock, but they are with our partners.

Great news for ALL GG1 fans of all scales (G, O, HO) 



The GG1 is a legandary engine.  Until now true museums like sound for the GG1 was not available.  But this has changed.  Our sound manufacturer SoundDesign in Switzerland has now produced an outstanding GG1 sound recorded from the cravices of a real GG1.  This sound combined with the correct ZIMO decoder can operate in engines of all scales.

Some of you might say: "But I am an Analog operator, isn't ZIMO DCC?"  Correct ZIMO is a DCC board that has been carefully developped to also operate well under Analog conditions.  Conventional soundboards (such as Phoenix) don't control the motor, hence sound and engine movement are not synchronized.  With ZIMO this is not the case, and as a matter of fact the pesky problem of the engine running without sound doesn't exist.  ZIMOdelays motor operation untilt the DC-DC converter kicks in the sound.  This happens at roughly 6V track voltage.  So ZIMO DCC is not only the best board for Digital control, but also the best analog version you can imagine.

An open Word to the LGB parts business

The good old days were what they were - the good old days.  They don't exist anymore.  Gone were the days that LGB shipped you a part for free.  Gone are also the days were almost every part was available.  We at TRAINLI pride ourselves that we have the best industry knowledge on how to obtain parts or crossreference them for you.  Look around in the market, other want to easy job, a motor here, a bulb there.  But ar they really addressing your needs.  You should only buy from the vendor that covers you from A to Z.  But with that said, looking for a $4.95 part can be time consuming, and while we try to help you our customer we can't afford to make this a loss.  This is why we are very concerned when poeple send us on a goose chase, we come up with the parts, and then we have to hear "I don't want it anymore".  Non-regular customers will be charged a $25 deposit that is credited against the purchase, just to protect our valuable time and to protect the pricing for everybody.  It is not fair to charge higher prices because of a minority.

Once in a Lifetime Chance to get a brandnew Aster K28 



When LGB went bankrupt back in 2008, the court appinted administrator sold remaining avaiable parts.  Among these parts were pallets full of original Aster parts, enough to build brand new engines from their original parts.  This is why now are Aster's K28 are made available.  These Aster's come enhanced with modern digital sound and chuff synchronized smoke and like the original they come in an exclusive woodbox.
Don't miss out on this only chance to own an Aster K28


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 TRAINLI Factory Direct New arrivals



Just in time for the holidays are we receiving brand new shipments:

LGB-20060 W.P.&Y GANG CAR (orange)
LGB-20061 GANG CAR (green/beige)
LGB-30261 Rio Grande Open Air Car
LGB-31432 Park Sight Seeing Car
LGB-36808 D&S RR Passenger Car

LGB-41701 RhB waethered tank car
LGB-42391 BNSF Box car
LGB-42392 BNSF Box car
LGB-43824 SHPX Center flow hopper car
LGB-46891 RhB McDonalds refrigerator car
LGB-47833 RhB tankcar (Club Car)
LGB-49172 Lehman Sugar Company (10 pcs)
LGB-49191 Flat car for GANG CAR
  See all new arrived LGB Rolling Stock

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