Track Sales

We are ni the middle of the outdoor railroad season. Sometimes the choices can be confusing. One advise we like to give our customers - buy quality and honesty. If someone tells you the product is MSRP $800 but always offers a 20% discount, that is dishonest. In reality the ultra high MSRP is designed to mislead you. "Oh I am getting a 20% discount - this is a good deal". There is one sure way to see if you are getting a good deal.


    1. Look at the details of the offering, our track comes with track clamps - not joiners that are not suitable for outdoors.


    1. Understand what you are getting in terms of length, so many different ways to package track (ie. 10 pieces of 5' = 50', 10 pieces of 8' = 80', or 12 pieces of 54" (not even 5') = 54'


    1. Normalize the results down to a per foot price: TrainLine 50' with clamps are $335 - if you substract the cost of the 20 clamps ($32) you are getting $303 for 50' or $6/foot, compare this now with 54' for $580 you get $10.74/foot (and this is already 20% discount). $10.74 is 80% more expensive then $6.


  1. Understand your needs. If you go track power we recommend a rail material that doesn't oxidate - our NpB rail. Not stainless steel. NpB has 10x better conductivty than stainless steel, it never oxidates (unlike stainless steel), it cost 20% less than stainless steel, switches are more reliable, and it lasts a lifetime.


Now for reading this, we offer a limited time 10% of on our track products. Make the smart choice and buy TrainLine track.