Repair Parts for LGB

over 6,000 7,000 parts are available
(may involve some delivery time)

We separate parts into COMMON parts and SPECIAL parts the are only for a particular engine or other piece of rolling stock.  Many COMMON parts are in stock, and the most often occurring parts for specific rolling stock (in particularly engines) we try to keep in stock as well.
All other parts are sourced from our direct sources in Germany, and we consolidate shipments every 4 week (in order to keep the shipping cost/item the lowest possible.  This requires however patience from you our customers. because shipment times due to a variety of circumstances can be 4-8 weeks. These parts are hard to find and many of them - when sold - will be no longer available. All parts are loose parts and don't come in any original Maerklin/LGB® packaging. 
We are a Maerklin/LGB factory authorized Direct Importer and have therefore access to all the new production parts as well.

Once you see your needed parts (or even if you don't see them), send us an email to: or call us 508-529-9166

Special Parts

These are parts that are dedicated  to your particular rolling stock.  Some of the parts are used in different pieces of rolling stock, but we might not have them listed under this rolling stock . 

When you are looking for special parts, we typically go back to the "original" engine but like to refer to the engine as a class.  We are using placeholders to symbolize this.


Fourney LGB 20251, 20252, 21251, 21252, 24251, 27253

The category is being displayed as


(with x being the place holder for digits that vary)



Gold customers have access to our LGB Cross-reference Database.  The Cross Reference Database (CRD) shows you which part was used in which pieces of rolling stock.  The latest edition of the CRD shows now also parts that might be available out of the current Maerklin/LGB production.  Today's new parts also have a new E-number associated with them.  Some of them are no longer individually available but only as a set (ie. Gold parts for Stainz).  We call this in the CRD "Multipart".  So it pays to become a Gold-Member of TRAINLI.  Some of the parts might be sourced from OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) sources, which means this is were LGB gets their products.

Example: LGB produces no motors.  They are all manufacturer by a German company called Buehler.  We have a supply line with common Buehler motors and provide you with the 100% identical motor. 

Some products are are smart parts that either replace LGB® equivalent parts or supplement them.  Among them are ProLine™ parts.

LGB parts are either parts in the LGB packaging or directly from the LGB supplier.  LGB parts are all preceded with the "LGB" in front of the remaining part number.  If the last three digits are preceded by an "M" than this indicates that this a new production of LGB since it is owned by Maerklin.

We love to assist you with your parts search. However, we will have to let you know, that we may require a down payment, before we start the search.  This down payment is 100% applicable towards the purchase.  The down payment is determined by the size of your parts needs and is waved for Gold-Customers, and regular customers. Contact us with your questions:
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