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LGB 27872-M699 Mikado Wheel Set (4 axles)


  • Model: LGB-27872-M999
  • Weight: 5 LBS
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Note: only one complete set.

These are long-awaited wheelsets for Mikados (a full set for all 4 axles) for the first generation of mikado's the 20872 version

Sets contain more than one part.  You can see details on the modern explosion diagram.

20872 Mikado Parts Diagram


Engine Type: Steam Engine
Prototype Country: USA
Engine Name:  Mikado
Equivalent Engines: 20872, 21872, 22872, 24872,
Associated: G-scale, Trains
Manufacturer: LGB, Maerklin
Internal LGB#: E133988, E140997, E141006, E178644