ADAPLU50 Locomotive adaptor board Solder pads and a 5 voltage regulator can supply up to 300mA current


  • Model: ZI-ADAPLU50
  • Weight: 0.25 LBS
  • Availability: In Stock

the addition of the ADAPLUxx + PluX sound decoder MX645P22 results in a

Sound Decoder with 1.8 A motor current, continuous

This combination works well for O-scale as an alternative to large-scale decoders (although with fewer function outputs, low voltage outputs, and other large-scale specialties).

Adapter board for PluX-22 decoders; the decoder is plugged into the socket connector of the adapter board. Via large solder pads, the wiring inside the loco is very comfortable, whereby common connections (positive lines) for a variety of usages are realized multiple times. The adapter board ADAPLU is equipped with a rectifier which relieves the decoder's rectifier and so produces less lost heat and performs better.

The adapter board ADAPLU can be used with many PluX decoders of the current ZIMO product range, these are MX633P16, MX633P22, MX635P16, MX635P22, MX637P16, MX637P22, MX643P16, MX643P22, MX645P16, MX645P22, MS480P16, MS450P16 und MS450P22, etc. and their successors, i.e. decoders equipped with a 16V energy storage connection.

ATTENTION: ADAPLU must not be used in combination with some PluX-16 and -12 decoders (like MX623P12, MX630P16, and MX648P16)! Exceptions are PluX-16 decoders that actually are reduced PluX-22 decoders like MX633P16.