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Zimo MX7 reverse loop module with occupancy detection


  • Model: ZI-MX7
  • Weight: 0.5 LBS
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Note: not recommended for large scale

With the help of an isolated track section (both rails) and a MX7 reverse loop module, a reverse loop (or a turntable bridge) can be used in any direction, giving You full control of the train; stopping and backing up is possible at any point. The pure electronic operation of the ZIMO reverse loop module (no relays) results in microsecond fast reversal of the track section polarization, whereby not only the module itself is exposed to lesser wear than usual but the wheels of all the rolling stock as well.

Zimo MX/7 track modules support occupancy detection and HLU 

Technical Data:
Track voltage
Maximum track current
12 - 24 V
3 A
105 x 105 x 25 mm

for more information please reference the Manual