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Visaton K2040 0.75" x 1.5" High Performance speaker (ultra-low profile)


  • Model: K2040
  • Weight: 0.6 LBS
  • Availability: In Stock

 Visaton K2040 0.75" x 1.5" High Performance speaker (ultra-low profile)


Ultra-Low profile rectangular mini-speaker
This speaker has still a very good sound despite its ultra-low profile and its miniature size. When space is of essence, then this speaker still has remarkable results.

- Plastic basket
- UV resistance

Dimension: 3/4" x 1 1/2"
Mounting holes: .63" x 1.41"
Height: 1/4""
Rate power 1W
Maximum power 2W
Nominal impedance Z: 8 Ohm
Frequency response 300-20000 Hz
Mean sound pressure level 76dB (1 W/1 m)
Resonance frequency fs 600Hz
Height of front pole-plate: 1mm
Voice coil diameter: 12mm
Cutout diameter: 38 x 18 mm
Net weight: 0.007 Kg
Temperature range: -13....60 °F

The speaker is made by the German manufacturer Visaton a company that I personally know for more than 30 years. I build my first studio speakers with speakers from Visaton and that lasted for 15 years until I sold it - and probably performs still today. So to no surprise when entering into the garden railroad sounds I found Visaton again - and they are great.