LGB-30675 RhB Car Set RhB Wagenset \"Bernina\"



Model: 30675
Weight: 29.00


2015 New Product

Car set consisting of 3 RhB modern express train passenger cars, including car number AB 1546, a 1st/2nd class car, and car numbers B 2309 and B 2312, two 2nd class cars. The cars are a special edition with the logo for the anniversary of the Bernina Railroad. The cars have prototypical paint schemes and lettering. They are equipped with interior lighting, metal wheel sets, and doors that can be opened. Length over the buffers for each car 62 cm / 24-3/8".
The cars from the 30675 set can be added to the 20225 Allegra to make a prototypical express train on the Bernina Railroad.

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