LGB-2010/2020/21211/70302 Stainz

Many common parts are here in our warehouse. Other parts come from German from several suppliers incl. Maerklin/LGB.  We have regularly consolidated shipments of these parts. However, you need to be patient, because shipment times due to a variety of circumstances can be 4-8 weeks. These parts are hard to find and many of them - when sold - will be no longer available. All parts are loose parts and don't come in any original Maerklin/LGB® packaging. 

Important to note:  There have been several version of STAINZ.  Look at your part very carefully and if it doesn't match up with the displayed parts chances are this might be from a different version STAINZ.
To have a most recent overview of which parts are available for this car - please go to our website:
Parts Diagrams for LGB STAINZ style engines

Once you see your needed parts (or even if you don't see them), send us an email to:
info@train-li-usa.com or call us 508-529-9166