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TL10-40965 ProSwitch NI R3 - no drive (right)


  • Model: TL10-4096x
  • Weight: 3 LBS
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  • Note: SOLD OUT

ProSwitch™-R3 by TrainLine45 (Length: 1' 2 3/4" (380 mm))
100% LGB compatible

Right switch - 3' radius with metal frogs guarantees operational excellence in tight spaces. It fits typically into the space of other manufacturers small switches, but allows for a larger frog and therefore negotiates even SD45, E8, HSB 2-10-2. The points are individually tuned, the electrification is excellent.

These switches are "Made in Germany" in a product quality as it used to be. This switch comes without a manual or electrical switch drive for users who want to use their own mechanical switch stand, air drives, or any other of their personal choice.

We offer however quality waterproof drives:



  • ProDrive manual
  • ProDrive DC/DCC (Combo Drive)