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TL10-42155 ProSwitch NI R7 - no drive (left)


  • Model: TL10-4215x
  • Weight: 6 LBS
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Note: SOLD OUT

ProSwitch™-R7 by TrainLine45 (Length: 1' 11 5/8" (600 mm))

100% LGB compatible

Left switch NI plated brass (as good as Stainless Steel)- 7' radius with metal frogs guarantees operational excellence in tight spaces. The points are individually tuned, the electrification is excellent.

These switches are "Made in Germany" in a product quality as it used to be. The frog is autopowered for correct polarisation. This switch comes without a manual or electrical switch machine allowing you to mount either our ProDrive Manual, ProDrive DC/DCC, your own switch stands, air driven drives, or any other drive you desire.

We offer however quality waterproof drives:



  • ProDrive manual
  • ProDrive DC/DCC (Combo Drive)