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TR15.178 ProLine Test Stands G-scale engines 2 pcs


  • Model: TR15.178
  • Weight: 1 LBS
  • Availability: In Stock

Test Stands for G-scale Rolling Stock

TRAINLI's (the maker of the Easybend Duotrak) top quality product  is made in Switzerland

Each Teststand consists of a U-shaped metal base, with build in track-to-track insulation that has perfect power pickup and transfers the power to the engine via 4 high-quality ball bearing wheels.  It is important to understand that for testing the engines you need a smooth resistance free operation.  Ball bearings are available in a wide variety of quality standards.  TRAINLI only uses high end ball bearings that sustain the weight of even the heaviest G-scale engines.


Don't be fooled by cheaper products that don't last or don't do a good job reducing the resistance of the operation.