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MD-DRIVE-SR - Track Cleaning Locomotive decoder


  • Model: MD-DRIVE-SR
  • Weight: 0.5 LBS
  • Availability: ships 4-8 weeks

DRIVE-SR Special locomotive decoder for LGB cleaning locomotives with Soft-Start cleaning motor control with soft-control - this replaces the board for the LGB Track cleaning locomotive, such as the; 2067 (Older Version 3 pin motor block will need some modification), 2167, etc. 

The MD mXion DRIVE-SR is the modern, timely plug & play locomotive decoder for all LGB cleaning locomotives. The functionality is identical to the DRIVE-SB, however, this decoder is tailored to the LGB cleaning locos. The control of the roof lights is set to change flasher to F1. All light outputs are dimmed to 5V so that the existing lamps can continue to be used. The control of the cleaning motor, which, incidentally, can easily be loaded with 4A, involves over-protection and current measurement, is also done via F1, so in sync with the roof lights. However, you still have the special feature that this engine is only active when the locomotive moves forward, while stationary and reversing the engine automatically switches off to protect the tracks. Another special feature is the Soft-Start technology used for the first time in this type, so that the cleaning motor starts up slowly, instead of jumping up suddenly. Furthermore, it is possible to adjust the speed of the cleaning motor. The soft-start can also be deactivated. In analog mode, the speed can be controlled via the large built-in potentiometer. Switchable delay times, high beam function as well as shunting gear as well as the "double-A shunting light" are part of the scope, just like the powerful MD mapping up to F68.

Technical Data

Operating voltage:

  • 0-27V DC/DCC
  • 0-22 AC

Current draw without any functions turned on:

  • 15mA

Maximum function current:

  • 4 Amps. Cleaning motor
  • 1 Amp. Lv/Lh/Li/Ld1/Ld2 each

Motor output:

  • 5 Amps (peak 2 Amps

Maximum Current:

  • 10 Amps

Unregulated: (Caution!!!!!)

If you have an unregulated power supply, it will be safe to use as long as the max voltage output is 24v.  If you have one of these power supplies and are not sure, verify the voltage output with a voltmeter.  Never assume any power supply is putting out voltage at safe levels!

DO NOT USE the older style Bridgewerks Mag 15 by themselves to power the track. (Click for Photo:  Pic1, Pic2)  The Mag 15 (not to be confused with the Magnum S-15 or regulated Power Mag) is an unregulated & non-throttle type power supply and can output 35+ Volts DC EVEN UNDER A LIGHT LOAD!  DO NOT use these by themselves to power the track to run an engine under digital decoder under any circumstances, regardless what you are told. (Courtesy of Rays Electronic Trainworks)

The DRIVE-SR is if course 100% NMRA-DCC compatible. For details, see the Operation Manual.