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LGB 26254 DR Steam Locomotive, Road Number 99 161

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  • Model: LGB-26254
  • Weight: 25 LBS
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DR Steam Locomotive, Road Number 99 161

The class I M locomotives of the Saxon State Railways were taken over by the German State Railroad (DR) as road numbers 99 161 to 99 163. The sheathing on the locomotives was removed as early as the Twenties for maintenance reasons. Only the sheathing on the trucks was kept. These locomotives were also given the typical black/red paint scheme of the steam locomotives. Road number 99 163 was lost in World War II. The other two were still in use in Reichenbach on the DR until 1962. In the last years of operation, they were equipped with air brakes and a generator for the likewise new electric lighting. Road number 99 161 was scrapped after the end of operations on the roller carrier line, while road number 99 162 was restored to its original condition with sheathing. This locomotive is still present as a museum piece in the Museum Station in Oberheinsdorf – unfortunately not operational. There is also a small exhibition of the roller carrier railroad there and it is put on display for special occasions.


  • One-time edition for the 120th anniversary of this locomotive