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LGB 26252 K.Sächs.Sts.E.B. Class IM Steam Locomotive

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  • Model: LGB-26252
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LGB 26252 K.Sächs.Sts.E.B. Class IM Steam Locomotive

In 1902, three Fairlie type locomotives were delivered as the class I M. They were planned for the roller carrier line at Reichenbach in the Vogtland region. Their main purpose was to connect many small and medium size industrial companies to the network of the Royal Saxon State Railways. The special feature about this type of locomotive was the double boiler with the firebox in the middle and the two powered trucks. These 10.5 meter / 34 foot 2 inch long and 42 metric ton locomotives were pre-eminently suited for the network with its many sharp curves. The performance of 330 horsepower and the maximum speed of 30 km/h / 19 mph was sufficient for the locomotive's planned use. An interesting feature was also the locomotives' full sheathing. They thus had a cab in the middle of the locomotive in each direction of travel and a cab at the ends of locomotive – 4 cabs all total. The trucks along with their valve gear and rods also had full sheathing – similar to streetcar line locomotives. On the one hand, this was for the protection of the valve gear and the side/drive rods and on the other hand for the protection of pedestrians, since the tracks were mostly laid in the middle of the streets.