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LGB 33673 RhB Panorama Dining Car

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  • Model: LGB-33673
  • Weight: 15 LBS
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  • Shipping: Arrives 2nd Quarter 2023

LGB 33673 RhB Panorama Dining Car

This is a model of the service car as currently used in the modern Glacier Express. The paint scheme and lettering are the newest version and are prototypical for Era VI. The interior details are prototypical, there is interior lighting with LEDs, and the doors can be opened. Length over the buffers 68 cm / 26-3/4".

This car can be used to make a complete, prototypical Glacier Express consisting of the 28446 locomotive, the 33670 Excellence Class car, the 33666 first class car, and the 33671 second class car.