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LGB 48180 Set of Roller Carriers

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  • Model: LGB-48180
  • Weight: 10 LBS
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LGB 48180 Set of Roller Carriers

This is a set consisting of four roller carriers, as they were used on many narrow gauge lines and still are today in some cases. This is completely new tooling. A two-axle car can be loaded on two roller carriers. Cars with a gauge of 64 mm / 2-1/2" as well as standard LGB cars can be loaded. The roller carriers and the cars to be loaded on them are coupled together and to the locomotive or a car with a standard LGB coupler by means of the draw bars included in the set. The roller carriers have metal wheelsets. Length of a roller carrier 10 cm / 3-15/16".

Can be used on many narrow gauge railroads.