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TH-2201 ProSwitch-Custom: X-switch, R10 (NpB)


  • Model: TH-2201
  • Weight: 15 LBS
  • Availability: In Stock

Proswitch-Custom: X-switch R10 (Double Slip) in NpB

ProSwitch-Custom are the best made switches on the market for your G-scale track.  Metal frog can be optionally powered.  Made in Germany. It does not have nails and wooden ties but made with plastic ties with specially developed rail chairs.  The switches are impressive with their sturdiness and are built to last.

Indoor or Outdoor us for G-scale layouts.

  X-Switch Specifications:

  • Crossing 10°
  • Radius: R10 (~10'/300cm) 10°
  • Overall Length: 8'2" (98 cm)
  • Code 332 All German NpB
  • Frogs can be powered
  • Prepared for 2 LGB compatible switch drives (e.g. ProDrives)

Type: G-scale Track, G-scale switches
Compatible with: ­­­ LGB, Piko, Aristocrafts, Accucraft, AML, Bachmann