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ZIMO DCC G-scale Starterkit


  • Model: ZI-STARTFUG
  • Weight: 20 LBS
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  • Note: This item is not in stock, but available to order.

ZIMO G-scale Starter Set from TRAINLI your ZIMO Distributor

This is your wireless ZIMO starter set consisting of the "Brain" of your DCC system, the wireless handheld (is there any other way you want to operate in your garden?), and 20A power supply.

Feature overview: 

  • MX10 Central Station (Command Station) - (detailed info under MX10)

    • rotation knob inoput for track power, current, additional values, speed controller, emergency stop (press twice), initiate standby, and many more...
    • Multi-color operations display for standard operation showing track voltage, current, ABA-Inputs, communication status, and many more.
    • Three Push-Button inputs
      • Button 1: Activate and terminate automatic operations sequences, start decoder update
      • Button 2: Enter the MX10 Menu (afterwards you scroll the selection knob), start decoder sound load
      • Button 3: Start engine operation ("BASECAB"), unversal "BACK" key, and many more...
    • USB interface for USB stock, which manages the self update, load and backup data, decoder update, and sound projects
    • USB clinet interface for connecting the MX10 to the PC
    • "SUSI" interface for ZIMO decoders for fast project loading (1 min vs 10 min)
    • CAN-bus interface for ZIMO units (MX32 - and older, ZIMO modules (MX8, MX9)
    • XNET-Interface for inout devices such as Roco Lokmause, Massoth Dimax Navigator and other XNET-devices
    • LAN (Ethernet) interface
    • CAN bus interface for synchronization to Boosters and STEin-modules
    • 1 Standard track output (12A) 
    • 1Programing track output (8A) 
      • or combined 20A
    •  8 ABA inputs
    •  24V - 28V Powersupply input
  • MX32FU (detailed info under MX32/MX32FU

    • rechargable 2200 mAh rechargebattery for up to 5h wireless operation
    • x-Bee long range operation for several hundered yards line-of-sight operation
    • OLED touch screen with 320x240 resolution and good visibilty in bright daylight.
    • Displays many functionalities on the display, including the engine picutre, F-keys and their status, speedometer
    • direct access buttons for many functions and interactions
    • conventient speed slider with color bar for speed matching
    • monitor many operational paramters
    • Weight: 240g
    • Dimensions: 160 mm x 70 mm x 20-40 mm (thinner in the bottom then towards the display)
  • Power Supply for ZIMO

    • switching power supply for 30V and 20 A for a total solid delivery of 300W