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Roco 10813 Z21 ᴡʟᴀɴMAUS


  • Model: 10813 - Z21 ᴡʟᴀɴMAUS
  • Weight: 2 LBS
  • Availability: This item is not in stock, but available to order.

Z21 multiMAUS System

The Z21 multiMAUS is a digital handheld controller that you can use to control your trains, use the digital functions and switch and program turnouts and signals. 

Above all the clear design in combination with easy operation makes the Z21 multiMAUS represent the latest standard in digital model railway control. 



  • Illuminated display
  • Large buttons
  • Stepless knob with locking zero point
  • Option to program and export the CV values
  • Works perfectly in tandem with the Z21 control
for more information, you may view or download the manual
Pleas Note:
The WLANmaus, works with Zimo and MD, you'll need to log into your WiFi and set the IP address to match the IP address that is set in the respective DCC system. 
Here is a Video in English done IronPlanetHobbies 
Roco WLANmaus Throttle Setup For The Digikeijs DR5000 - YouTube