Common Parts for LGB

-Common Parts:

These are parts that are found in more than one engine or car.  Ie. Motors, Wheelsets, screws|Washers|Nuts, grabhandles, bulbs.....).  Some of the parts here are sourced from OEM manufacturers and not from LGB, in order to pass on the savings.

Example: LGB produces no motors.  They are all manufacturer by a German company called Buehler.  We have a supply line with common Buehler motors and provide you with the 100% identical motor. 

Some products are are smart parts that either replace LGB® equivalent parts or supplement them.  Among them are ProLine™ parts.

LGB parts are either parts in the LGB packaging or directly from the LGB supplier.  LGB parts are all preceded with the "LGB" in front of the remaining part number.  If the last three digits are preceded by an "M" than this indicates that this a new production of LGB since it is owned by Maerklin.

Product Category: LGB Parts, LGB repair

Scale:  G-scale