EasyBend DuoTrak™ code 250/215 rail bender



Model: TR15.079
Weight: 9.00
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The World's best selling railbender more than 4500 units sold
EasyBend DuoTrak

EasyBend DuoTrack™ was introduced to the US more than 8 years ago, and that was after it swept the Eurpean modelers of their feet.  Why would you ever bend without.  This is the best investment for your layout you are ever going to make.  Yes we understand it is not cheap, but if you end up buying two or three of the cheap clones (either made in China or elsewhere) you will be disappointed and you end up spending more money.  Yes we can get the price down if we compromise quality.  Ie. ballbearings cost from $4 to $25.  And we are using 6 of them in our product.  You can make the frame out of Aluminum, but that impacts the ridgindness of the product (and when you accidently drop it is out of gauge).  Cheaper handles, cheaper bolts, all of this can reduce the price by $100 or even more.  But we decided it is not worth it.  Buy from the market leader.

Forgotten are the pains of warped rail, tie assembly on curved rails, non-matching inner and outer radius. Bend your rail right in the layout! Key features are:

  • precise track width
  • repeatable radius through measurable fine adjustment
  • build-in levels
  • easy to use
  • stainless Steel ball bearings
  • L-shape torsion proof base chassis for lifelong precision
  • InPalm™ easy handle delivers push power without twisting your wrist
  • Delrin® gliders for smooth operation

for more information, here are some reviews of our rail bender, found on YouTube

Using the EasyBend DuoTrack Railbender

Converting the Railbender

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