Under10: US Phone stand (yellow handset)


  • Model: TR80-401.Y
  • Weight: 0.8 LBS
  • Availability: In Stock

Under10TM Product line New product, beautifully true to prototype, US phone stand - a product that everybody has waited for. The stand is in scale 1:24

This style US phone stand has been around already since the 1960s. Therefore a wide range of US layouts can utilize this style phone booth - late steam period, intermediate to mdern diesel and electro engines.
This booth often appears in sets of 2,3,4 alongside house walls. And our price affords you to recreate this scene

The stand is a die-cast resin and no assembly of the stand is required.

This is the first edition of this widely popular phone stand and it is not reuse of a European or other non USA replicas. This product is a Train-Li-USA production.